Plymouth Leander Partnership

Plymouth College is proud to be in a partnership with Plymouth Leander (PL)- one of the country's leading Swimming Clubs. This partnership allows talented athletes from all over the UK - and indeed the world - to meet the demands of a Performance Swimming programme whilst also receiving a first class education both at school and beyond. Boarding accommodation, meals, education, transport, coaching and facilities are provided by the College, with PL contributing to facility hire, coaching, meet organisation, expertise and a volunteer base to name but a few. The partnership between Plymouth College and PL allows athletes of all ages to receive excellent coaching appropriate to their age and development and also, whilst being a pupil at Plymouth College, to experience the wider benefits from swimming with a Club.
This unique partnership allows individuals to come to Plymouth from a young age and to remain a part of the programme up to - and possibly beyond - the conclusion of their schooling, allowing them to have consistency of coaching into their University years or post-18 careers. Plymouth College offers scholarships and bursaries to support athletes involved in the partnership between school and club. Recent alumni of both the school and PL include Ruta Meilutyte, Ben Proud, Laura Stephens, Tom Fannon and Jessica Jackson.
For further details about Plymouth Leander as a club, please click on the link to their website below:

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