Pupils have very good levels of scientific skills

ISI 2013


The aims of the Chemistry Department are to enable pupils to develop the basic chemical understanding required to be effective and informed citizens; their respect for the natural environment, as well as their understanding of how chemistry can improve that environment; their knowledge and understanding of scientific ideas at a level appropriate to further career aspirations and their own ability; their enjoyment of scientific work and their skills of scientific enquiry, including observation, measurement, safe working, investigation, problem-solving and evaluation.

Chemistry is taught as a separate science from the very first year in the College by a team of four graduate chemists and our own laboratory technician - also a graduate. Sufficient apparatus is available to ensure that pupils can work individually when required and all laboratories have networked multimedia computers and data projectors.

Years 7 – 8: Major themes include obtaining pure substances from natural resources; air and burning; metals - their extraction and reactivity and the structure of matter. 

Years 9 – 11: We follow Separate Chemistry (Edexcel IGCSE syllabus 4CH0); Double Award Science (Edexcel IGCSE syllabus 4SCO); Science A (AQA syllabus 4405) and then Additional Science (AQA syllabus 4408).

Major themes include: formulae and equations; acids bases and salts; energy and fuels; atmosphere and pollution; industrial chemistry; organic chemistry; the Periodic Table; quantitative chemistry and how science works.

Pupil achievements - the average GCSE results for the last three years: 97% pass rate with 46% at A* or A. In March 2002, we won the Salter’s Festival of Chemistry at Exeter University and were runners up in the 2004 Festival at Plymouth University - winning it again in 2008.

We were University Challenge winners at the 2007 and 2010 Salter’s Festival, and runners up in 2009. In the RSC's Top of the Bench 2013, we came 8th! Beating the likes of Charterhouse (11th); The Perse (13th); Merchant Taylor's (21st); Manchester Grammar (22nd) and Cheltenham Ladies (24th).

Pupils have very good levels of scientific skills

ISI 2013
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