Pupils are challenged to think independently through skilful questions.

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We hope the following FAQs help to answer any queries you may have. For more information don't hesitate to contact us.

How many boarders are there to a room?

This depends on the age of the student. The younger boarders in Years 7 – 10 will share two or three to a room. Students in Year 11 and above share a room with another student.

There are some single rooms in both girls’ and boys’ boarding and these are allocated on a rota basis for a term at a time to sixth formers in their final year. In all of the boarding houses, each student will have a bed, storage cupboards, a wardrobe and a desk and chair.

At Captain’s House, all of the rooms are double rooms.

In all of the boarding houses, each student will have a bed, storage cupboards, a wardrobe and a desk and chair.

Does Plymouth College offer weekly boarding?

Yes – weekly boarding is offered for four nights per week (Monday – Thursday inclusive).

The weekly boarding fee includes breakfast, an evening meal and laundry services. Lunches are an additional cost.

Does Plymouth College offer flexi-boarding?

Yes – flexi boarding is available for up to 14 nights per term. This is a popular option with parents and early booking is recommended. Please contact Mrs Tippetts, Deputy Head of Boarding, email:; telephone 01752 505178. The charge is £45 per night.

What happens at weekends?

Brunch is served on Saturdays and Sundays. On both Saturdays and Sundays, the swimming pool is open for students to use. On Saturday afternoons, students are free to follow their own activities and the older students may choose to walk into the city to visit the shops, the cinema, ten pin bowling, etc. An off-site activity is organised every Sunday; these activities include trips to the beach, walking on Dartmoor, cinema, paint balling, ski ramp, etc.

Are many boarders resident at the weekend?

The majority of the boarders are resident at weekends

Does Plymouth College have exeat weekends?

No – there are no exeat weekends although the boarding house does close at Half Term. Students who are unable to return home at Half term stay with host families and this is organised by their guardian.

What facilities are open over the weekend?

All of the facilities of the School are available at weekends to boarding students. A few outside clubs use our facilities but this is not at the expense of boarders’ activities.

Is the College open over the holidays?

Although the School is shut down over the holidays, the majority of the School’s accommodation and facilities are rented out to other educational groups, such as International Summer Schools.

When do boarders have to return to School?

Typically, the day before term begins. The only exception to this is new boarders arriving at School for the first time in September, when they arrive two days before the start of term for boarding induction.

Does my child have to bring their own bedding?

Yes, your child will need their own pillow, mattress protector, duvet, sheets and towels. The boarding pack contains a list of all the equipment that a boarder will need for the new term.

Does my child need a laptop?

It is not essential but many boarders benefit from a laptop to complete assessments and for calling home via Skype. The boarding houses do have 5 or 6 computers for students’ use. All boarding houses have Wi-Fi.

How is access to the Internet monitored?

All boarders connect to the School’s secure network, which blocks unsuitable websites and tracks websites used by students, alerting staff to inappropriate Internet use.

Should my child have a mobile phone?

Most students have mobile phones. They do provide a level of security and are useful for contacting family and friends. We ensure that mobile phones are used appropriately within school.

How is school work supervised?

There is an allocated Prep time for boarders and the younger students attend supervised prep in the School library where there are teaching staff on duty to assist them with any difficulties.

Is there an airport transfer service?

Yes, we run buses to Heathrow airports at the beginning and at the end of term and at Half Term. We use a chaperone at Heathrow to ensure students safely embark and disembark planes.

Do boarders require a guardian?

If parents are resident in the EU, a guardian is not required although it may be desirable for the family to have someone that they can call upon in an emergency. Students resident outside the EU are required to have a guardian.

Pupils are challenged to think independently through skilful questions.

ISI 2013
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