School teams compete successfully in a range of sporting and other activities.

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Cricket at Plymouth College follows a year round program that is built on high quality coaching, a very strong fixture card at senior level and the clear provision of pathways to the professional game via District, County, University Centres of Excellence and First Class cricket.

At the junior level the school provides several County representatives year on year and has begun a program of playing County sides, hosting the winter training program for Devon girls and pre and in season fixtures from Under 10-15 age. These strong links are crucial in the development of our most capable boys and girls.

The one2one coaching program that has been running on Saturday mornings for over 10 years between September and March provides highly specialist individualised coaching covering all three disciplines – batting, wicket keeping and bowling. The coaches employed are all Level 3 qualified and are heavily involved in West Devon and Devon cricket in managerial and coaching roles.

The first player to have participated in the program, James Burke, has recently signed a professional contract with Surrey County Cricket Club for the 2015 season. In addition to James Burke, OPM Jake Libby made his debut for Nottinghamshire in the 2014 season scoring a century on debut. Numerous cricketers at the school represent both Devon and Cornwall at junior level with current pupil Tom Dinnis having represented the senior Cornwall Minor Counties side as a 16 year old in the 2014 season.

During the school day cricket sessions run four lunchtimes per week between October and April and are run by the Head of Cricket Mr Byrne. Sessions are made up of individual and team based technical and tactical sessions with sport specific strength and conditioning programs incorporated here also. These sessions encompass both boys and girls at all ages. Games afternoons follow a sequential skills program with discrete stations and game scenarios aiming to extend every cricketer in the school.

Throughout the Autumn and Spring terms Under 13 and 15 boys and girls teams have gained success at the County Indoor finals days with the Under 15 boys the current County Champions in this format of the game. At senior level the school enters the adult indoor league in order to expose our best cricketers to Premier league standards with bat, ball and in the field. The school has toured Sri Lanka in 2013 and South Africa in 2015 with an Under 15 development squad.

The school has set up a player exchange with Wynberg Boys High School in Cape Town whereby each year a Plymouth College student will travel to Cape Town and stay with a host family for 4-6 weeks and gain exposure and the chance to play cricket in one of the most competitive school competition in the world at one of the most competitive cricket schools in the world. With fixtures against Millfield, Exeter School, Kings Taunton, Queens Taunton, Sherbourne, Bryanston the MCC and a 2 day game with Clayesmore the First XI have the opportunity to test themselves against the strongest schools in the South of England in the short summer term.

2014 saw notable First XI victories over Truro School, Truro College, Exeter School and Bryanston whilst on the end of season Dorset tour. The 1 percenters With cricket often being decided on very small margins the inclusion of specialist sessions focusing on the basic skills as well as areas such as nutrition and the mental side of the game is absolutely crucial.

Games afternoons are structured as follows;- 2:15-2:30pm – Whole group warm up – rollerball, end ball 2:30-3:10pm – 4 skill stations – cricketers are split into three groups (4 – 6 per group) and will always have some sort of bowling technique, batting and 2 fielding stations. 3:10-3:30pm – Modified skill game – singles game, limited shots allowed, diamond cricket Each age group has 1 games session and 2 after school practice per week; the first of these after school session is time spent utilising one of the three bowling machines or two Kannon feeding machines and honing individual skills. The second session would be an open wicket practice where the tactical and strategic elements of the game are developed.

Both junior and senior cricketers have had access to nutritional presentations and in recent years the lunches, hydration and teas have been analysed and improved so as to provide all cricketers with the most professional environment possible for them to achieve on the field.

Plymouth College Cricket Trademark

Discipline Honesty Togetherness Professionalism

Cricket at Plymouth College places an enormous emphasis on the character of both the individual and the team. Developed in 2014 by the Senior squad the following “trademark” behaviours were agreed by the group to be integral to our actions associated with cricket and reflect the players’ characters both on and off the field. The culture of Plymouth College cricket is one that is built upon hard work and the concept of team being placed before the individual.

School teams compete successfully in a range of sporting and other activities.

ISI 2013
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