Pupils bring a positive approach to their activities and to all aspects of their work.

ISI 2013


Our pupils learning German hear the language used between teachers and around school.

German is seen as a language worth learning for real purposes. The Department seeks to promote German as a vibrant language and the methodology of the Department revolves around communication in all forms for realistic purposes; this fosters a purposeful, relaxed and friendly classroom environment.

The Department follows the A levels course for Eduqas/WJEC. This course builds on IGCSE skills and encourages students to engage in more complex issues and develops their skills of Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. The topics covered are more sophisticated, but the fundamental principle remains the same – language for communication.

The new A Level course makes its debut this year and has a strong focus on the contemporary cultural, political and historical context of all German speaking countries at the heart of modern Europe, whilst always keeping the interests of the young learner in mind. Using a wide range of materials (newspaper and magazine articles, video and audio media, posters, advertisements, internet) students discuss and write about topics such as leisure activities, cinema and film, contemporary politics, the environment, education, travel and other related issues.

Formal homework is set, focusing heavily on preparation for the examination, but students are expected to complete their additional self-study in their own time.

The course is assessed through external assessment. The students complete one oral examination at the end of the course and then sit one paper assessing their Listening, Reading and Writing skills. Both of these examinations are prepared for throughout the two year course.

The Department has successfully run trips to the German-speaking world, most recently Vienna (2012) and Berlin (2014). These trips are essential for the pupils to truly experience another culture – an essential aspect of both departmental and school-wide educational aims. Sixth Form Germanists are encouraged to spend some time in Germany or Austria during their holidays. In recent years the majority of our candidates have passed with B, A or A*grades.  

Pupils bring a positive approach to their activities and to all aspects of their work.

ISI 2013
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