In both the prep and senior schools and in early years, teaching is stimulating and characterised by enthusiasm and concern for the needs of individual pupils.

ISI 2013


School fees are normally reviewed at the end of March. The following fees are effective from September 2018.

Preparatory School - Infant

Age groupFees

Infant Dept., Pre-school Part-time

(fewer than 5 days) 

£53 per day

Pre-school Part-time

(mornings only, includes lunch) 

£42 per day

Pre-school (Full-time) 

Early Years funding is available up to 5 years of age.

£2560 per term
Reception£2665 per term
Year 1 - 2£3150 per term

Preparatory School - Junior

Age GroupFees
Year 3 - 4£3380 per term
Year 5 - 6£3535 per term

Preparatory School - Lunch Costs

TermFees per term
Autumn 18£270
Spring 19£245
Summer 19£215

Senior School - Day

Age groupFees
Year 7 - 8£4585 per term
Year 9 - 11£5225 per term
Sixth Form£5430 per term

Loyalty Discount - Those pupils moving from Year 11 having completed their GCSEs at Plymouth College into Sixth Form will have their fees pegged at Year 11 rates annually.

Senior School - Lunch Costs

TermFees per term
Autumn 18£300
Spring 19£270
Summer 19£230

There are no supplementary lunch charges for full boarding pupils.


Senior School - Boarding

Age groupFees
Year 7 - 8 (Full)£9145 per term
Year 9 - 11 (Full)£9995 per term
Sixth Form (Full)£10480 per term

Loyalty Discount - Those pupils moving from Year 11 having completed their GCSEs at Plymouth College into Sixth Forn will have their fees pegged at Year 11 rates annually.


Weekly Boarding - for five nights a week, including breakfast and dinner. Other conditions apply.

Age GroupFees
Years 7-8£7300
Years 9-11£7940
Sixth Form£8145

Loyalty Discount - those pupils moving from Year 11 having completed their GCSEs at Plymouth College into Sixth Form will have their fees pegged at Year 11 rates annually.

Occasional Boarding: £50 per night (including breakfast and dinner), maximum of 14 nights a term. Other conditions apply.

Music Fees

The scale of charges for private music lessons depends on the instrument concerned, and whether instruction is given individually or in a group. Details of charges - which are payable direct by the music teacher concerned - can be supplied on request to the Director of Music.

Payment of Fees

There are four methods of paying fees:

  • Before the first day of term by bank transfer

  • Before the first day of term by debit or credit card

  • In instalments by Direct Debit over 10 months (UK bank accounts only)

  • International payments can be made securely online via Flywire at:

Flywire can be accessed at: . Prospective pupils can pay registration fees, deposits and “other” items. Existing pupils can pay for termly bills, trips, pocket money and “other” items.

Direct Debit payments are collected on the 4th of each month, from September to June. There is an admin fee of £1 per collection.  The College will need to receive a completed Direct Debit mandate (which can be downloaded here ) at least two weeks before the first collection date.

Discounts may be available for the payment of school fees in advance – please contact the Fees Ledger Administrator ( for further information.

If you require the College bank details, or wish to pay by debit or credit card, please call the Accounts Office on +44 (0) 1752 505112 or 505113.

Pupils whose fees are overdue are liable to exclusion, and any bursary or scholarship may be forfeited, until payment has been made.

Fees Concession

Sibling Discount of 10% on net tuition and boarding fees are available for the second sibling, with an additional 5% for each subsequent sibling at the College or Preparatory School whilst the eldest sibling is at the College (from 1st September 2010).

Sixth Form Loyalty Discount if a current pupil has been with us for the two years of GCSE and obtains the necessary academic results to move from Year 11 into Sixth Form, we will only charge the Year 11 rate relevant to each of their two years of Sixth Form study.

Plymouth College Armed Forces' Package 

From September 2017 the Governors agreed that a 20% discount would be applied to new joiners, for children of Armed Forces personnel, on production annually of a photocopy of a Forces ID Card from an eligible parent in the Armed Forces.  

Boarding for children in Years 5 and 6 is very unusual and available only under very particular circumstances and is the decision of the Headmaster(s).

Registration Fee and Refundable Deposits

There is a non-refundable registration fee of £75 for all applicants.

In addition, there is a deposit payable on acceptance of a place as follows:

Day student   £200
Boarder - UK & EU   £1000
Boarder - outside EU   A term's fees

The deposit is refunded, less any deductions required for outstanding amounts owed, once the student has completed their final term, and provided that all school property has been returned in good condition.

Absence from School Refund Scheme

As school fees are a significant item of expenditure, the Board of Governors has approved an Absence from School Refund (ASR) scheme, under which cover is provided for school fees in the event of a student being absent from school for more than five school days due to illness or injury.

The cost of cover under the ASR Scheme is 1% of net fees (tuition and boarding) for Senior School students, and 2% of net fees for Prep School students.

This scheme is highly recommended to parents, as it allows parents to recover what may be an appreciable sum in the event of their child's absence due to illness or injury.

Please see the attached Terms & Conditions document for further details of the Scheme

Terms and Conditions

Private Health Insurance

Pupils' Private Medical Scheme

You have the opportunity to enrol your child in the school's private medical scheme for pupils, which is provided by AXA PPP Healthcare.
Please see the attached information booklet for further information, including details of the benefits provided, and the policy application form.

New applications should be made via Accounts ( in advance of the start of the next school term, to allow time for processing; in most cases, this will allow healthcare cover to be in place by the start of term, or shortly thereafter.  There is a set closing date each term for new joiners to the policy, after which new applications for that term cannot be accepted.

For the academic year 2018/19, the insurance premium will be £82 per pupil per term, inclusive of Insurance Premium Tax (IPT), provided the level of IPT is not changed by the Government.

You do have the right to cancel the cover at any time as advised in the leaflet provided; cover will end if your child leaves the school.

For further information on the Pupils' Healthcare Scheme please call Marsh Limited Education Practice on 01444 335174
Lines are open Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.

AXA PPP Scheme - Autumn 2018

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions - Registered Charity No 1105544

1.             Definitions – unless the contract otherwise requires:

(a)            “Parent(s)” means any one or more of the persons referred to in clause 4C below jointly and severally.

(b)           “School/College” means Plymouth College as now or in the future constituted and/or the Headmaster and/or those to whom any of the Head’s functions have been delegated.

(c)            “Pupil” means the pupil named in the Acceptance Form.

(d)           “Term” means each of the three terms in the School’s year, Autumn, Spring and Summer.  The duration of the term is determined by the Headmaster.  The School Year is deemed to start on 1st September.  A term is deemed to start at 9.00am on its first day and to end at midday on its final day.

(e)            “Fees” means School Fees at the rate that is set from time to time and are calculated as an annual amount, payable termly or by Direct Debit over 10 months.  Extras are invoiced termly.  Fees include tuition, board, lodging and laundry (where applicable), most games activities, any deposit paid and any scholarship or bursary which has become repayable.  Extras include items reasonably incurred by a pupil or by the School on behalf of a pupil and for these purposes a pupil is the agent of the parents.

(f)            “Parents’ information sheet” means the written information which we send out to parents from time to time and which forms part of these terms and conditions.

2.             Entry to the School

(a)            Formal Agreement – The offer of a place and the parents’ acceptance are, or will normally be, set out in the School’s letter of offer and the prescribed Acceptance Form signed by the parents which constitute a formal agreement.  The agreement is made on the basis of these terms and conditions, which may be varied from time to time as circumstances require.  Unless earlier terminated in accordance with these terms and conditions the agreement continues until the end of the final School Year as announced from time to time.  Entry to the School is at all times in the discretion of the Headmaster.

(b)           School Rules and Discipline – It is a requirement of the Governing Body that a pupil at the school resides at home with parents, is a boarder or lives with a legally appointed guardian.  Exceptions to this rule require the permission of the Headmaster and Governors.  The parents and the pupil will comply with all rules, regulations and customs in relation to the organisation, management and disciplines of the School. The Headmaster is responsible for the care and good discipline of the pupils and for all matters affecting the day-to-day running of the School including exclusion, suspension or expulsion of a pupil.  The parents and the pupil will accept the authority of the Headmaster at all times.  No form of corporal punishment is used in the School. We want those selected for College teams to regard it as an honour to represent their school and their fellow pupils and we take it for granted that all those who are chosen will take part in matches, practices and games as requested. If there is a clash of commitments with outside activities, for example with a Saturday job, membership of another team or avoidable family commitments, the College expects pupils to honour their College commitment. 

3.             Registration Fee and Deposits

(a)            Registration Fee – A registration fee of £75.00 is payable at the time of original registration and is not refundable in any circumstances.

(b)           Deposits – A deposit is payable on acceptance of a place as follows: Boarders from outside the EU – one term’s boarding and tuition fees; Boarders from within the EU - £1000; Day pupils - £200. For all pupils, the deposit will be returned on completion of the final term less any deductions.  Parents who have paid fees late or whose fees are overdue may also be required to pay a similar deposit.  Parents who have given notice to withdraw a pupil may be required to pay a deposit against extras and any other liability.

4.             Fees and Extras

(a)            When Payable – Whether or not the School holds a deposit fees are due and payable before the first day of term.  A pupil whose account has not been paid in full by the start of a term may then or later be excluded from the School until full payment has been made.  Extras and damage will be invoiced as they arise or at the end of the term when incurred.

(b)           Review of Fees – Fees are normally reviewed once per year.  Any increase in fees will usually be on one term’s notice but the right is reserved to increase fees at any time without notice and without any other of the terms and conditions being affected.

(c)            By Whom Payable – The liability to pay fees is the joint and several liability of each person who has signed or is named in the Acceptance Form as father, mother, step-parent, guardian or pupil and/or any person who has from time to time paid or guaranteed payment of fees in respect of the pupil whether as principal, agent or trustee and/or every person having legal or de facto responsibility for a pupil and who has acquiesced (other than solely as supervising adults) in returning the pupil to the School.

(d)           Lien – The School has the right to exercise a lien over any property of the pupil at School premises at any time when there are unpaid fees.  The School will be entitled to dispose of or sell such property privately or by auction after 21 days from the date when the School posts to any one parent by Recorded Delivery at the last known address a Notice of Intention to Sell.

(e)            Instalment Arrangements – If the School should agree to accept payment of part or all of the fees by instalments, through the direct debit scheme, the same shall be regarded as an arrangement only which may be cancelled by the School on 30 days written notice to you and thereupon any amount of fees which (but for the instalment arrangement) would have been due shall become due and payable forthwith as a debt and the remainder of these terms and conditions shall apply accordingly.

(f)            Scholarships and Bursaries – Any scholarships and bursaries and any ex-gratia awards or allowances which have been made may be withdrawn if in the opinion of the Headmaster and the Board of Governors the aims and objectives of the scholarship or bursary are not being met and the right is reserved to require repayment in full in the event of the pupil being withdrawn with or without notice or removed from the School.

(g)            Refund and Appropriation of Fees – Fees including pre-paid consumables (whether or not consumed) will not be remitted for absence through sickness or any other cause.  In particular, no claim shall arise for remission of fees if for any reason a term is shortened or a vacation extended.  The School reserves the right of appropriation of all payments that are made on behalf of pupils belonging to the same immediate family.

5.             Events requiring Notice in writing

                Parents must give notice in writing in the circumstances and in the manner described below.

(a)            Cancelling Acceptance – A term’s written notice is required if parents are cancelling their acceptance of a place prior to the pupil entering the School or a term’s fees will be payable in lieu.

(b)           Withdrawal of the Pupil – Parents must give a term’s written notice before withdrawing the pupil from the School or a term’s fees will be payable in lieu. Once notice is given the outstanding fees become payable with immediate effect.

(c)            Discontinuing an Extra – A term’s written notice is required if the pupil is discontinuing any course of tuition which has been or is normally charged as an extra.

(d)           Change in Boarding – A boarding place is for the full academic year.  Once the School Year has started notice to change from boarding to day pupil will not take effect until the start of the next School Year.  Any change from boarding to day for the next School Year requires a term’s notice in writing.

(e)            Written Notice – Notice must be given in writing to the Headmaster.  Notice given verbally or given in writing by or to any other person will not count as good notice.  Notice takes effect only when the School sends written confirmation of receipt.

(f)            Waiver – Any waiver of the requirements of this clause will be effective only when written and signed by the Headmaster and if the Headmaster accepts a provisional notice it is valid only one term at a time and only if in writing.

6.             Removal of a Pupil

(a)            Circumstances – The Headmaster has the right to request parents to remove a pupil from the School where, in the opinion of the Headmaster, it is in the interests of the pupil and/or the School or where fees are unpaid at the start of half term and the pupil has been excluded then or later.  There will be no refund of fees for the balance of the term when such request is made but the parents will not be liable to pay a term’s fees in lieu of notice.

(b)           Discretion – The decision to request removal of the pupil from the School and the manner and form of any announcement shall be in the sole discretion of the Headmaster.  Under no circumstances shall the School be required to divulge to parents any confidential information or the identities of pupils or others who have given information which has led to the request for removal or which the Headmaster has acquired during an investigation.

7.             Recovery of Unpaid Fees

(a)            Interest – The right is reserved to charge interest at 8% over Base Rate (statutory interest rate) on unpaid fees including any fees in respect of which an instalment arrangement has been terminated.

(b)           Costs – All costs incurred in the collection of unpaid fees including the School’s administrative costs and any costs and disbursements paid to solicitors acting on behalf of the School shall be recoverable in full.

8.             Special Circumstances

(a)            Court Orders and Precautions – The Headmaster must be notified in writing immediately of any court orders in relation to the child for example as to parental responsibility, residence, contact, prohibited steps, specific issues or periodical payments.  It is the responsibility of the parent to inform the Headmaster immediately and in writing and by a personal visit in case of urgency if the School is required to take any special precautions for the protection of the pupil or if circumstances arise such that any parent may be unable to pay fees in the future.

(b)           Emergency Medical Treatment – The Parents hereby grant to the Headmaster authority to give consent in loco parentis to the carrying out of any emergency medical treatments or procedures which are certified by a medical practitioner to be necessary to the safety of the pupil.

(c)            Medical Supervision – The Headmaster may at any time at the expense of the School require a medical certificate from the pupil’s general practitioner or a urine test under medical supervision to establish the presence or otherwise of an illegal substance.  The Headmaster must be notified in writing of any existing or new medical condition or infectious or contagious disease or illness. 

In such circumstances the School reserves the right to consult the School’s Medical advisor and will not permit the pupil to remain at the School without permission from that officer.

(d)           Learning Support – We will notify you if it appears that the pupil is falling behind with studies.  Extra tuition can be arranged at the School’s Learning Support Department if requested, but the School does not undertake to diagnose conditions such as those relating to dyslexia or poor visual acuity.  Such tuition will be treated as an extra subject at an additional charge.  The School will, on request, advise parents as to how they may, at their own expense, obtain specialist advice.

(e)            Parent Absent from UK – If a parent is not normally resident in the United Kingdom or will be absent from the United Kingdom for more than 48 hours during the term time, the Headmaster must be notified in writing of the name, address and telephone number of a guardian resident in the United Kingdom who is acceptable to the Headmaster.

(f)            Concerns/Complaints – Parents who have cause of concern in relation to the care, discipline or progress of a pupil must inform the Headmaster without delay and in writing.

(g)            Examinations – The School will enter a pupil for an examination only if the Headmaster is satisfied that such is in the best interests of the pupil.

9.             Insurance

(a)            Personal Property of the Pupil – Parents are required to make certain that their own insurance will cover the pupil’s personal property whilst at the School or on the way to or from School or on any School sponsored activity away from the School.

(b)           Non Agency – The School does not undertake to provide or maintain any insurance covers beyond those prescribed by Law and in no circumstances will the School be constituted agent of the parents for insurance purposes.  Where the School operates an insurance scheme it does so as introducer and not as insurance adviser.  Parents must in each case satisfy themselves that the pupil has the cover required.

10.           Intellectual Property Rights

(a)            Copyright – The School acknowledges that the copyright in a work of which the pupil is the sole author shall vest in the pupil.  The copyright in work produced in collaboration with others where the contributions of each author are not distinct shall be held by the joint authors as tenants in common.  The School acknowledges the right of the pupil to assert his rights, generally, to be identified as the author of any such work.

(b)           Patent – The School shall honour the right of the pupil to be names as the inventor in any application for a patent relating to an invention devised solely by the pupil and as the joint inventor in any application for a patent relating to an invention devised jointly by the pupil and any other person.

11.           General Conditions

(a)            Waiver – Any indulgence, relaxation of non-enforcement by the School of its rights under these terms and conditions shall not act as a waiver of and shall be without prejudice to those rights.

(b)           Progress Reports – A report on each pupil will be sent to parents on a regular basis.  Information provided to parents and others concerning the progress of a pupil and the pupil’s character, examination, further education and career prospects and any references will be given in good faith but without liability on the part of the School.

(c)            Variations – The School may in its discretion and on such notice (if any) as the School considers reasonable vary any or all of these and its other terms and conditions from time to time.  The School reserves the right to make alterations at any time to the way in which the School is run, to the situation of the School and any part of it and to any aspect of the School without reduction in fees.

(d)           Prospectus – In the prospectus are set out some details of the School, its history and facilities.  Although the contents are believed to be accurate at the time of printing nothing contained in the prospectus shall form part of any agreement between the School and the parents or any other person and the parents confirm that they have not relied on its contents in entering into this Agreement.

(e)            Address for Correspondence – Each written communication shall be addressed to one or more individuals and sent by ordinary pre-paid post or handed personally to the addressee.  The postal address of the Senior Schools is: Plymouth College, Ford Park, Plymouth PL4 6RN. The postal address of the Preparatory School is: Plymouth College Preparatory School, St Dunstan’s Abbey, The Millfields, Plymouth PL1 3JL. The postal address of the parent or any other person is deemed to be the address given on the Acceptance Form or (if different) the address shown on the School’s Entry List or the last known address of the addressee.  Emails are equally valid and should be sent to for the senior school and for the Preparatory School.  Individual email addresses or may be used by members of staff who are in contact with parents, guardians or pupils.

(f)            Interpretation – Headings and sub-headings are for ease of understanding only and do not form part of these terms and conditions.  This document will be construed as a whole and in conjunction with the Acceptance Form and any parents’ information sheets. Proper Law and Forum - The Proper Law of this Agreement shall be that of England and the parties shall submit to the jurisdiction of the English Courts.

12.            Pupil involvement in publicity - Plymouth College has an excellent reputation for academic achievement, as well as for gaining awards and winning competitions in extra-curricular activities such as sports and music. We are very proud of our pupils and like to share their achievements with others and at the same time use them as a way of promoting the School. Primarily we do this by sending stories and photographs to local and specialist press, covering both individual and team successes.  Occasionally we are lucky enough to gain radio or TV coverage.  Promotional activity can also involve a photograph in one of our publications such as the prospectus, a news item in the newsletter, a feature on the School website or participation in an advertisement. We hope that most parents and pupils support us in this but if you have any concerns or do not want your child/children to be involved in school publicity, please do not hesitate to contact us.  

In both the prep and senior schools and in early years, teaching is stimulating and characterised by enthusiasm and concern for the needs of individual pupils.

ISI 2013
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