The quality of pupils’ personal development is excellent at all stages, in keeping with the aims of the school.

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At Plymouth College excellence is encouraged in a wide range of disciplines and activities.

One of the main vehicles for such encouragement is the offer of scholarships to those who show potential for excellence.

Awards are offered to boys and girls joining Plymouth College senior school both at 11+ and 13+, as well as in the Sixth Form. In addition to academic scholarships, there are awards in Art, Drama, Music, Performing Arts, Sport and for all-round potential.

Candidates may enter for awards in more than one category. All those who do not enter for academic awards, must fulfil Plymouth College’s normal academic entry requirements.

All awards are index-linked and renewed annually. They are tenable throughout the holder’s time at Plymouth College, subject to satisfactory progress, conduct and participation.

Holders of awards, including those with awards in two or more categories, may not receive more than 50% remission of fees.

Academic Awards

Entry into Year 7

There are a number of academic scholarships worth between 10% and 50% of the tuition fee of the College. They are awarded on the results of the Entrance Examination and a satisfactory academic reference from the current school. There is no separate Academic Scholarship paper.

Entry into Year 9

There are a small number of extra academic awards that are made on the basis of an examination and a satisfactory academic reference from the current school. Members of the College may make internal application and will also be examined.

Entry into the Sixth Form

A small number of awards are available for new entrants and existing pupils to help with Sixth Form fees. They are awarded on interview, GCSE results and a satisfactory academic reference from the current school.

Music Awards

Music awards are offered to candidates who are likely to become leading musicians at Plymouth College. Both instrumentalists and singers are encouraged to apply and while a high standard is naturally expected for a major award, awards are also given to those who may not be so advanced but who, nevertheless, show a high level of promise and commitment. Candidates will be asked to complete an application form. Guidance concerning the examination can be obtained from the Director of Music.  

Drama Awards

These are awarded to those boys and girls who are likely to play a leading part in theatre and drama productions at Plymouth College. As with other awards, a high level of promise and commitment must be demonstrated. Assessment will be by audition and interview. Prior to audition, candidates will be asked to complete an application form. Candidates should prepare a short monologue of their choice and will be asked about their drama interests and experience.

Performing Arts

Whilst we are happy to consider those who are especially talented in Music and / or Drama for a Performing Arts award, these particular scholarships are intended for those who have the ability to make a significant contribution in the broader field of performing arts rather than solely within the more traditional disciplines. Assessment will be made by completion of an application form, audition and interview and guidance may be sought from the Head of Music and Performing Arts.

Art Awards

Candidates should submit a portfolio of their work assembled with the assistance of their Art staff. The portfolio should consist of no more than 10 pieces. It should demonstrate the candidate’s ability across a range of processes and techniques. If possible, we would prefer the work to be unframed. Candidates will be asked to complete an application form and may be called for interview.  

Sports Awards

Sports Awards are given to those boys and girls who can make an outstanding contribution to sport at Plymouth College. These awards are intended to reward those whose ability in, and commitment to sport will enhance the School’s reputation for excellence in this area. Applicants will be encouraged to show particular promise in one of the School’s main sports and other sports at a high level. Candidates should complete an application form and attend an assessment morning.

All-round Potential Awards

Boys and girls apply to join Plymouth College every year with the potential to play an enormously varied part in the life of the School without necessarily the ability to qualify for any of the specific awards on offer. The School is, for them, offering awards for all-round potential.

Candidates will be asked to provide a portfolio giving their record of achievement which will detail and document all they have done of significance to date: this will be accompanied by relevant documentary evidence. They are also asked to provide references from at least two people able to attest to their ability and potential. One of these referees should not be a member of staff from the candidate’s school. It is assumed that if a child is applying for an All-round award, they will also be applying for at least two other awards from the above.

The quality of pupils’ personal development is excellent at all stages, in keeping with the aims of the school.

ISI 2013
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