The pastoral care from which pupils benefit is excellent and fosters warm relations.

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Health Care


The school health centre is open from 8:15am - 5:15pm Monday to Friday and staffed, with expertise in all elements of healthcare, with a qualified RN nurse and the school first aider / medical administrator.

At the health centre, we pride ourselves on liaising with all school members, local medical providers, parents and boarding house staff, with great care and diligence. With mental wellbeing and physical health at the forefront of our service, we believe in working with a holistic approach to all student and staff care, encouraging parents to contact us if they have any concerns and staff to feel confident to alert us to any issues that they may have.  We are able to offer support through contracted counsellors, an appointed physiotherapist and are always proficient in sourcing and providing other healthcare agencies and services when required.

The health centre has the capacity to care for four students at any one time who require bed rest.  Unwell students can use this facility while awaiting collection to go home, back to boarding or return to their class.  We work closely with a local GP Surgery who provide our boarding students with excellent primary care and visits here twice a week.  Should the need arrive; we can escort boarding students to any medical related visits to the Doctors, Hospital or emergency dental appointments.  

The administrator schedules and organises required/recommended UK vaccinations, as stipulated by the British Immunisation Schedule, as and when required. Inoculation requirements are arranged, on request, for our students who travel abroad. We facilitate the vaccinations every year and maintain the highest standards of preventative medicine in line with current NMC, NICE guidelines and most recent information from Public Health England.

The nurse is well versed in the healthcare management of elite international athletes, referring to the International Sporting Advice Guide to ensure that any medication an elite athlete is prescribed is compatible with the anti-doping. The nurse is highly experienced in the treatment of sports-related injuries and sometimes provides First Aid cover for senior sporting events. The first aider/medical administrator works in conjunction with the nurse and brings qualified counselling and medical support.

Basic health checks are performed, with consent, for all joining students by way of weight and height. For students with severe health issues, parents/guardians are encouraged to come in for an informal discussion.  This is to provide the nurse with as much background information as possible on their child’s pre-existing and current medical needs and requirements. We will also discuss any concerns ranging from healthy eating to coping strategies to maintain physical and mental wellness. We keep simple records of the student’s health and treatments throughout their time at Plymouth College, as this enables us to identify any potential health issues. Early detection of food allergies, eating disorders, asthma and other chronic conditions is paramount to providing advice and treatment as early as possible.  All Information held is private and confidential and we follow the GDPR guidelines implicitly.


The pastoral care from which pupils benefit is excellent and fosters warm relations.

ISI 2013
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