The pastoral care from which pupils benefit is excellent and fosters warm relations.

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Health Care

The school health centre is open from 8am -5.30pm Monday to Friday and is staffed by a qualified nursing team with expertise in all elements of healthcare relating to young people.

Acting as the liaison between the school, local medical providers, parents and boarding house staff the nursing team provides a holistic approach to student care. We encourage parents to contact us if they have any concerns about their son or daughter.

The school nursing team cares for the health and wellbeing of all staff and students but are especially responsible for students who board. A school doctor attends the health centre twice a week and holds a surgery for the boarding students. The nursing team also refer boarding students to a daily GP surgery if required. The health centre has 4 beds to allow unwell students to rest until they can be returned to class, home or the boarding houses. The team will organise vaccinations as required to the UK vaccination schedule including regular national requirements from the students’ home countries and inoculation requirements when our students travel abroad. The team facilitate the flu vaccination every year and maintains the highest standards of preventative medicine in line with the most recent information from Public Health England.

The nursing team is well versed in the healthcare management of elite international athletes and is aware that these students can be drug tested at any time. The nurses use international sporting advise to check for any medication that an elite athlete is prescribed and ensure that this is compatible with the anti-doping. Our nursing team is highly experienced in the treatment of sports-related injuries and provides First Aid cover for major sporting events.

In addition to the boarding pupils, our nursing team carries out health checks on all students when they start at the school and in Year 11 when the students are also given the latest advice on how to eat well, exercise effectively, manage the stress of exams and thereby stay both physically and mentally healthy. This tracking of student health through their time at Plymouth College enables the nursing team to identify early any potential health issues such as food allergies, eating disorders, asthma and other chronic conditions and provide advice and treatment in a timely fashion.

The nursing team includes a trained counsellor to provide a listening ear for students and help them work out solutions to any issues they may be experiencing. The nursing team also help to deliver the physical, social, health, emotional education curriculum to students and teach First Aid to staff and students.

Plymouth College has a tradition of exceptional pastoral care for our students and the nursing team is a key part of that continuing tradition. Providing preventative health care, emergency care and first aid, counselling support, health and social education, the nursing team is proud of the service we deliver and welcomes any enquires from parents or prospective parents.

You can contact us on 01752 505145 or email

The nursing team is;

  • Mrs Nicola Lane RN School Nurse
  • Ms Karen Mills Administrator

The pastoral care from which pupils benefit is excellent and fosters warm relations.

ISI 2013
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