Samba Club

The producer of the Beetles once said, "Even the smallest atom vibrates - without rhythm there is no thing!"

Sir George Martin also went on to say that of all the musical rhythms, Samba is the most easily understood by people around the world due to the confluence of European, Indigenous South American and African peoples who created it in Brazil.

It should come as no surprise, therefore, to learn that a small group of internationally-minded students meet regularly to learn to play the Brazillian percussion instruments that collectively generate the popular street music known as ‘Samba’. Currently, we are playing four global rhythms: Batukada, Marakatu, Reggae, Bangra - one for each house.

We are working on a fifth Soca rhythm, based on speeded up Callypso. Though our numbers are small, it is hoped that with the rise in the popularity of Samba -more students will feel like giving this exciting and energetic music a try.

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