The quality of pupils’ achievements and learning is excellent.

ISI 2013

Welcome to the Sixth Form

Inspired by the best of our educational heritage since 1877, a Plymouth College education is centred around the nine principles of Aspiration, Integrity, Resilience, Respect, Collaboration, Service, Communication, Reflectiveness and Resourcefulness, providing the foundation upon which the holistic approach at the College is based. 

This collection of strengths, skills and qualities offer guidance to all members of the Plymouth College community, build character and underpin everything we do.  These Principles are integral to our daily life, providing an approach to studying, interaction with others and life beyond Plymouth College.

With around 500 pupils and a dedicated team of teaching and support staff; our favourable pupil-staff ratio enables us to offer small classes, a broad curriculum and a great deal of individual attention and support to ensure that all pupils reach their potential. As well as pupils from the local area, our school community boasts pupils from 40 different nationalities, giving our school a real international dimension.

Our academic record is strong but we also believe firmly in the importance of the wider curriculum; Plymouth College is a place to excel both in and outside of the classroom. The opportunities available here encourage participation in an impressive range of sporting, outward bound, artistic, musical, dramatic and other activities which means that everyone is able to find success and enjoyment along a broad front.

In the classroom we aim to encourage a genuine spirit of enquiry, the desire to look beyond the confines of the curriculum and the ability to work with independence, tenacity and flair.

There is a great community spirit at the College and those who come here make lasting friendships and forge good relationships at all levels. A high level of pastoral care provides help and guidance when needed and fosters a strong sense of being valued and belonging. Leadership and community service are encouraged and pupils are prepared to meet the future with confidence as well as with a sense of social responsibility.

Plymouth College is a busy and dynamic school where it is difficult not to feel inspired, involved and purposeful.


Jo Hayward

Interim Head  

The quality of pupils’ achievements and learning is excellent.

ISI 2013
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