The Plymouth College Modern Pentathlon Programme has seen enourmous success over the last few years. We have included just a selection below.

National Championship Medals won since 2009.

Gold Medals - 43
Silver Medals - 22
Bronze Medals - 20

International Roll of Honour.

Georgina Barrington (fencing) GB England and Scotland 2009-2011
Megan Woodrow (fencing) GB and Northern Ireland 2011
Katie Davies Gregory (fencing) Wales.2012-2013
Tim Andrews (fencing) GB England and Ireland 2010-2014
Tia Simms-lymn (fencing) England and Jamaica 2012-2014
Kerenza Bryson (pentathlon and fencing) GB and England 2013-2014
Myles Pillage (pentathlon) GB 2013-2014
Kelcey Pillage (pentathlon) GB 2011-2012
Alice Rogers (pentathlon) GB 2011
Val Lim (pentathlon) Singapore 2010
Ella Ellis (biathle) GB 2013
Frankie Aldred (biathle) GB 2013
Kerrie Johnson (pentathlon and fencing) Ireland, Northern Ireland and England 2012-2014
Dan Pengelly (pentathlon) GB 2014
Josh Hellings (fencing) GB and England 2014
Coral Hays (pentathlon) Kenya 2014
Catherine Bishop (pentathlon and fencing) GB and England 2013-2014
Chloe Hamilton (pentathlon and fencing) GB and England 2013-2014
Benjamin Andrews (fencing) England 2014
Paddy Erskine (pentathlon) Ireland 2013-2014
May Yuen (fencing) Hong Kong 2013
Ollie Smart (biathle) GB 2014
Sonja Rajagangas (Pentathlon) Finland 2014

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