Outdoor Education

Outdoor Education includes caving, climbing, mountain biking, sailing, sea kayaking, SCUBA diving, canoeing, white water kayaking, mountain and hill walking, camping, bushcraft and gorge walking.

As well as these ‘fun activities’ it also includes a significant academic component and is a strong field of research. But Outdoor Education is more than the experiences that these activities offer, it shares with people the experiences, joys and challenges of being enthralled in these environments. By pushing themselves, individuals stretch their perceived physical and psychological limits, shaping their world view and their expectations of themselves and others. This holistic approach to education originates from the ‘virtues’ Aristotle found in war, nods towards our age of empire and grand tours, draws on the ethos of great expeditions and looks to continue the benefits of individual’s humble, proactive involvement with life and the world community, particularly relevant in the current climate of sedentary instant gratification. 

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