Sports Therapy & Psychology

Sports Therapy

Our programme is one of the few in the country that can boast a comprehensive day-to-day sports science support package for the athletes in our care.

With a fully qualified medical team on site in our Health Centre (plus, exemplary and formalised links with physiotherapist, Alison Morton), ensures students are cared for via the College’s highly recommended Health Insurance scheme. The medical team regularly communicate with the full coaching team to notify of any injuries/illness to an athlete. Our multi-faceted team will then discuss how to manage the condition by reducing training load or varying the style of training.

If an athlete is unable to perform their pool-based sessions for a period of time, then the strength and conditioning team will amend training in the cardiovascular suite or S&C gym to maintain performance levels. The communication between all sports science, coaching, teaching and boarding staff is exemplary and is key to the understanding and development of our athletes at Plymouth College.


Access to a registered, experienced sports psychologist is available to all athletes within our school community, either as part of a block of group sessions or on a one to one basis. These sessions are designed to help with managing stress, setting goles and other important psychological concepts. 


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