University Support

A great strength of the Sixth Form at Plymouth College is the support and advice students receive as they apply to university. The PSHME programme in the Sixth Form revolves around preparing the students to submit the strongest application possible to the most relevant universities for the most suitable course.

Those applying to Oxbridge meet with the Oxbridge Coordinator on a regular basis to learn about the distinctive nature of this application process and to prepare themselves fully with bespoke formal interview preparation at an Oxbridge "Away Day" and through meeting with admission tutors, OPMs and experts in their field to develop a thorough and flawless application. Those applying for Medicine or Veterinary Science are prepared through the special Pre-Med course run on Friday afternoons throughout the Sixth Form with presentations, lectures, visits, research projects and work experience. Students interested in applying to the US also have a specialist programme tailored to their applications which unveils the complexities of the American system.

The majority of students apply to Russell Group, traditional and new universities in the UK. Tutors guide students through numerous drafts of their Personal Statements and then seek guidance from the wide range of teachers and coaches who have worked with the Sixth Former during their time at the College to write the reference. An incredible amount of time and effort goes into helping Sixth Formers get onto the best possible course. It is why the University Office is at the heart of the Sixth Form Centre. It is one of many reasons why the Sixth Form at Plymouth College is so strong.
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