American University Scholarship Support

Over the past few years, entry into American universities has become increasingly popular and the scholarship opportunities are particularly exciting for both sports and academics.

We now have several students attending university in the US and several more are holding offers and scholarships for the US and Canada. However, the application system is a minefield as there is no one central hub as with the British system. There are over 2,000 American Universities. Finding the right university, degree course, sports programme and scholarship and then obtaining the best offer is both daunting and difficult and therefore most parents request the support of an expert agency. This can cost £2000-2500 per candidate for a good service.

As we have a high degree of interest, we recommend an external agency called Sporting Elite. Their website for further information is at Sporting Elite. They will provide a full service of support to each student who wishes to apply as set out in their brochure. Parents pay this fee directly to Sporting Elite.

There is already a great deal of support in school to back up this agency expertise. We have created the documentation to provide information for American and Canadian Universities, as well as for the NCAA, in the format they require; this includes a School Profile, transcripts and references. References, for example, are written differently and submitted in various formats and ways, unlike the UK system. We have staff who are already helping students to prepare for the American entrance exams called SATs and are developing a working relationship with Greenes Tutorial College, Oxford in order to build this support more. However, what the school cannot offer, is expert detailed advice on where to go and how to attract the best offer from each individual institution.

We have a long-standing exchange programme with Wilbraham and Monson Academy, a high school in Massachusetts, which we hope will also develop as part of this initiative and we believe that this package will enable our students to achieve the best places and scholarships possible for them in North America


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