Armed Forces Boarding

Armed Forces Boarding

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Boarding for Military Families

Plymouth College has altered its military families fees to ensure that all that armed forces personel will only have to pay the 10% fee contribution mandated by the MOD. This means that your child can receive the best education available, for as little as £745 per term. This offer is available to all ranks, if you would like help in applying for CEA funding or would just like some more information, please call our registrar on 01752 505115 or simply complete the form.

Plymouth is steeped in military history having played a significant role in conflicts from the Spanish Armada and Napoleonic Wars, through to both World Wars.

Dating from 1871, Plymouth College has one of the oldest Combined Cadet Forces in the country.  There is the RN  Base at Devonport, 29 Commando Regiment at the Citadel and 3 Cdo Bde Headquarters at Stonehouse Barracks and 42 Commando at Bickleigh. It is no surprise that the school has a long tradition of welcoming students from military families. 

The transient nature of life in the armed forces makes boarding a popular option and we are able to provide an environment that offers military children stability and continuity.  The CEA (Continuity of Education Allowance) is available to all ranks and together with our own armed forces discount, a family typically pays just 10% of the school’s termly fees.

The table below reflects the CEA and school fees as announced for the 2015-16 Academic year and the 20% Forces Discount for new joiners as above.

Boarding for children in Years 5 and 6 is very unusual and available only under very particular circumstances and is the decision of the Headmaster(s).

Year Group

Tuition/ Boarding Fees per Term

You Pay

(after CEA)*

Year 5 & 6 Boarding



Year 5 & 6 Day



Year 7 & 8 Boarding



Year 7 & 8 Day



Year 9 to 11 Boarding



Year 9 to 11 Day



Year 12 & 13 Boarding



Year 12 & 13 Day




*MoD regulations typically require the Service parent to pay 10% of fees

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