Harry McEleny

Harry joined the school in Year 7 and was a Senior Prefect in his final year.  He is reading Medicine at Bristol University…

“Secondary school has been one of the best experiences of my life; Plymouth College is such a fantastic establishment.  The teaching is of an exceptionally high standard, rivalling the local selective schools in GCSE and A level grades.  Every pupil, no matter what their ability, can find their place and this is where the staff should be commended; knowing how to encourage each student, allowing them to reach their full potential.  I was always challenged in class, never allowed to be complacent and encouraged to work hard in all that I did.  Even in a weaker subject, teachers would invest time in me so that I could gain the most out of that discipline. 

Team sports for me were one of the best things about my time at school, both the competing but also the close relationships and bonds formed with teammates.  Undoubtedly Plymouth College is a top sporting school, perhaps best known for the swimming and pentathlon programmes. However, as someone who has had no contact with either, I must emphasise the great ability of the school to provide for everyone on all levels.  Of all sportsmen, musicians, performers, only a small fraction make it to the top of their field.  For those destined for success, the school is amazing at helping them get there by providing massive support.  For those of us not gifted in the same way, the school has equipped us with a variety of skills.  People who would perhaps stick to academic studies are now as well 1st XI sportsmen, competent musicians or people interested in getting more from their education than just a set of good grades. 

As a recent member of the Sixth Form I would like to express my thanks to all the staff that have helped my year gain a place in higher education.  We have been eased through our UCAS applications where before the mere word ‘UCAS’ caused a feeling of panic! From my own perspective the support for Medical and Oxbridge candidates was particularly good. 

I have had the most phenomenal time in school, from the day I started in Year 7 to the moment I left, fully prepared for my time ahead.” 

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