Olivia Moore

Olivia was Deputy Head Girl and Head of House in Boarding.  She is reading International Relations and American Studies at Swansea University…

“I started Plymouth College as an overseas boarder in Year 8 and it very quickly became my home-from-home. Six years later I’m very well prepared for the next stage of my life at Swansea University. The social skills and understanding that comes with being a boarder have made the transition almost seamless and the ability to live independently has made life so much easier in a new place. Becoming Head of House within boarding came with responsibilities but showed me that things are worth working for; cooperation is key. These are all things that people around me are learning now but I was lucky enough to get them from my time at Plymouth College.

As well as the boarding side Plymouth College’s extensive sports programmes also allowed me to try new sports which I have carried on. I’ve joined both the netball and hockey teams and am hoping to play for the University like I did Plymouth College.

By far my best time at Plymouth College was the Sixth Form years. The social and community side of school massively increases and the events throughout the year make sure that you make friendships for life with your peers. The last few years also helped me make connections within school to teachers and staff which I might not have had at any other college or school. I loved the Sixth Form life and already miss it! Plymouth College was a huge part of my life and made university and the next stage of my life possible.

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