Jolene Davis

Jolene was Head Girl.  She is currently on a gap year and will apply to university in 2016 to read Biomedical Sciences…

“I joined Plymouth College in the middle term of Year 8 and the first thing that struck me about the school was how friendly and inclusive everyone was from fellow pupils to the support staff and the teachers. It made it a lot easier to make friends and moving schools was less stressful because of this: I quickly felt as if I had been part of the school from the beginning of Year 7.

That strong sense of friendship and community only grew as the years went by, not only through spending time in class but also the strong sporting culture that exists throughout the school which helped to strengthen friendships while also teaching valuable lessons to us for life in general.

The main benefit, however, I found at the school was the help given to me, and all pupils, with academic studies.  When I first joined I was in the bottom sets but by GCSEs I was in set one or two for everything.  I believe one of the principal reasons for this was because the teachers are always free to help: if you do not understand something in lesson time they are more than willing to organise a time when you are free so you can go through it one to one with them. This level of support was vital for my academic improvements between Years 8 and 10 and it proved to continue and become even more valuable to me in Sixth Form.

My time at Plymouth College has been fantastic; I have developed in every way and the school has contributed to me becoming a more round, confident and able person.” 

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