Nils Wachsmuth

Nils spent a year at Plymouth College doing Pre-Sixth Form and was a talented basketball player…

“A completely new chapter started in my life when I did my exchange year at Plymouth College: my first attempts to speak English, to wear a tie and a shirt everyday and to go to a great, lively English school. Since my family lives in Switzerland I stayed in the boarding house. Besides that I joined the successful basketball team with which I trained every day.

One day in this boarding house will be sufficient to show how incomparably good it is. I made friends not only from England, Germany and China, but also from Mongolia, Russia and Kuwait. Those friendships will last forever, because I actually lived and shared my room with some of them.

The location of Plymouth College is ideal. A little shopping street with the most important places is right next to the school. The centre of Plymouth is still only a walking distance away. My favourite place in Plymouth is the harbour area. Maybe you can’t swim but the view is even nicer. The whole city posses a certain charm which you will feel from the first day on.

I can only speak positively about Plymouth College and recommend highly to go to this school.”

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