The Foundation Office has been created to develop a new link between old boys and girls of both Plymouth College, Plymouth College Preparatory School and St Dunstan's Abbey School for Girls.  It will help us re-engage with our lost alumni and history, as well as maintain this association over future years - something that we really value.

Part of the work of the Foundation Office is to help pupils with their career aspirations.  Plymouth College and Preparatory School parents, friends and alumni have fascinating, exciting and diverse careers and experiences.  We would like to be able to harness these experiences and inspire our current students to be something great no matter where their interests lie.  We would like to identify OPMs, friends and current and former parents of the College who would be willing to impart the benefit of their knowledge and experience in a particular field.  Already, OPMs, parents and former parents assist the College's Sixth Form team in preparing pupils for University selection by agreeing to give them a mock interview.

All alumni, parents and former parents are warmly encouraged to register their career details and areas of expertise with the Foundation Office to enable us to create a resource bank for our students and recent graduates.