House drama searches for the Holy Grail...

Published: 27 February, 2013

The theme for this year's House Drama was 'Monty Python and the Holy Grail'. As usual, the four Houses were randomly allocated portions of the script on which to base their fifteen minute performance. Houses were also asked to produce a pre-recorded advert. As is the custom, no staff were allowed to assist: direction and production was entirely in the hands of the Sixth Form.

This year's judging panel was comprised of Mrs Lambie, Mrs Edwards, Mrs Adlington, Miss Baker and Mrs Aubrey-Fletcher. The usual inter-House rivalry was especially fierce with last year's joint winners Dales and Chaytors equally determined to win outright. Despite technical hiccups, all four houses entertained us with memorable moments coming from Sargents with their hilarious Lynx advert, Jason van der Shouw's wonderful Black Knight and Harry Smith's impressive Leader of the Knights who say "Ni".

It was a close run competition but, in the end, Dales were triumphant and took the crystal bowl. Best actress went to Jade Howard (Sargents) and Best Actor to Luke Dickinson (Chaytors).