School fees are normally reviewed at the end of March. The following fees are effective from September 2014.

Fees (per term)

Preparatory School

Infant Dept Infant Dept Kindergarten Part-time (fewer than 5 days) £45 per day
  Kindergarten Part-time (mornings only, includes lunch) £32 per day
  Kindergarten (full-time) £2360
  Reception £2470
  Years 1-2 £2860
Junior Dept Years 3-4 £3050
  Years 5-6 £3200

Senior School

  Years 7-8 £4170
  Years 9-11 £4660
  Sixth Form £4920



Years 7-8 (Full)



Years 9-11 (Full)



Sixth Form (Full)


Lunch Costs

Senior School Autumn '14 £280.00
  Spring '15 £222.00
  Summer '15 £200.00
Preparatory School Autumn '14 £252.00
  Spring '15 £198.00
  Summer '15 £180.00


Weekly Boarding: £38 per night (including breakfast and dinner) for 4 nights a week.  Other conditions apply.
Occasional Boarding: £45 per night (including breakfast and dinner), maximum of 14 nights a term.  Other conditions apply.

Music Fees

The scale of charges for private music lessons depends on the instrument concerned, and whether instruction is given individually or in a group. Details of charges, which are payable direct to the music teacher concerned, can be supplied on request to the Director of Music.

Payment of Fees

There are three methods of paying fees, in advance by the first day of term by cheque, by Direct Debit over 10 months or by Debit or Credit Card. If paying by cheque please make cheque payable to Plymouth College. There is a 2% fee if paying by Credit Card. 

Any queries on fees in advance should be addressed to The Bursar.

The Direct Debit payment is collected on the 4th of each month (September - June). There is an admin fee of £4 per child per month. A Direct Debit form can be downloaded here. The College will need to receive a completed Direct Debit mandate at least 2 weeks before the first collection date.

Parents resident overseas whose children are boarders are asked to make arrangements for the payment of fees through a bank or other authority in Britain.

If you require the College Bank details, or wish to pay by Debit or Credit Card , please ring the Bursary, specifically the Accounts Office, on 01752 505112.

Pupils whose fees are overdue are liable to exclusion, and any bursary or scholarship may be forfeited, until payment has been made.

Fees Concession

Sibling Discount of 10% on net tuition and boarding fees are available for the second sibling, with an additional 5% for each subsequent sibling at the College or Preparatory School whilst the eldest sibling is at the College (From 1st September 2010)

Services Discount The College welcomes applications from children of Services personnel and offers a 15% discount on net tuition and boarding fees for each boarding pupil, and 15% on net tuition fees for each day pupil, joining the school from September 2010. A photocopy of a Services ID card will be required annually.

College Armed Forces' Package 14-15
From September 2010 the Governors agreed that a 15% discount would be applied to chidren of Armed Forces personnel, on production annually of a photocopy of a Forces ID Card from an eligible parent in the Armed Forces.  This will be increased to 20% for new registrations only with effect from 1 September 2015.
The table below reflects the CEA and school fees as announced for the 2014-2015 academic year.
Boarding for children in Years 5 and 6 is very unusual and available only under very particular circumstances and is the decision of the Headmaster.
MoD regulations may require the Armed Forces' parent to pay at least 10% of fees.

Year Group

Fees per Term



Payable to College
(Excluding Extras)

Years 5+6 Boarding


15% = £1125


£1294 + CEA

Years 5+ 6 Day


15% = £480


CEA only

Years 7+8


15% = £1242.75


£373.25 + CEA

Years 7 + 8 Day


15% = £625.50


CEA only

Years 9 to 11


15% = £1353


£998 + CEA

Years 9 to 11 Day


15% = £699


CEA only

Years 12+13


15% = £1413


£1338 + CEA

Years 12+13 Day


15% = £738


£175 + CEA

Examination Fees

The College charges a fee for public examinations and the normal arrangement for this is to charge one third of the fee in each of the terms in the year in which the public examination is taken. This fee simply covers the charge made to the college by the Examining Board.

Registration Fee and Refundable Deposits

For all day and boarding pupils there is a non-refundable registration fee of £75.  In addition, there is a deposit payable on acceptance of a place of £750 for all boarders and £200 for Senior School day pupils, The deposit is refunded on the first term's fees when the place is taken up.

Book Deposit

A deposit of £100 is also payable when the pupil joins the school and will be shown on the first term's fees. This amount is refundable on his/her leaving and covers any sums then due in respect of books lost, music fees, or other small miscellaneous charges.