Please find details below of insurances you may wish to consider for your child.

Personal Accident Insurance

Personal Accident Insurance Scheme has been arranged on a group basis, as part of a plan specially designed for Independent Schools.  Whilst, of course, we take very care in all the activities in which pupils engage, and we are especially concerned to maintain a proper level of supervision at all times, it is still the case that if they are to be fully extended as they grow up, some of the more exciting opportunities here do involve an element of risk.  The School’s insurance covers damage and liability to third parties but would only cover a claim in respect of an injury to a pupil where negligence on the part of the College or its employees could be clearly established.


For this reason, pupils are only accepted for certain activities – the sailing and canoe clubs, rock climbing and some adventurous expeditions for example – if they are covered by a personal accident policy.  It may be that some of you have arranged such cover privately, but if not the School scheme is extremely comprehensive and reasonable in cost, particularly when it includes all holiday activities.  Of course, we all hope that it will never be necessary for parents to  make a claim through this scheme but it is a very worthwhile precaution.  We shall therefore enter your child for the scheme from the beginning of the first term and charge the premium unless you complete the return.

The Insurance Policy

What cover it provides: Accidental Bodily Injury resulting in

  1. Death
  2. Loss or loss of use of two or more limbs 
  3. Loss of or loss of sight in two eyes 
  4. Permanent Total Disablement 
  5. Permanent Partial Disablement Reduced Scale of benefits (loss of one limb, hand, finger, etc.

Operative Period: 24 hour cover throughout the entire year until the pupil leaves the school.

To whom are Policy Proceeds paid To the parent/guardian of the injured child

What it excludes; War, invasion, or civil war, pregnancy, suicide or self-injury.

Insurers Certain Underwriters at Lloyds and Co-Insurers



1. Claims should be made within 30 days of the accident.

2. Compensation can only be claimed in one category of benefit.

3. One Group Policy document will be issued to the School.


Pupils' Personal Effects Insurance

The School operates a Personal Effects Insurance.  The premium covers losses of up to £5,000 (£2000 for any one article).  Bicycles of greater value than £350 should be covered under your household all risk insurance.  Please note that this insurance does not cover mobile or smart phones their accessories and jewellery with a value over £150.  There is a £25 excess and for laptops/tablets the excess is £100.)


Absence From School Refunds Scheme (ASR)

Fees are a significant item of expenditure, the Board of Governors has approved a scheme to offset parental fee costs due to sickness absence.  The cost for day pupils and boarders is 1% of net tuition and boarding fees.  This scheme is highly recommended to parents since it allows substantial fees refund if a pupil is absent for five days or more due to accident or sickness. 

Private Medical Health Insurance

Pupils Private Medical Scheme

You now have the opportunity to enrol your child in the above Scheme which the School has arranged with AXA PPP Healthcare. 

A leaflet is attached which provides details of the benefits provided and the cost.  Cover can be arranged for the Winter Term, and start from 1 September 2017 if we receive a correctly completed Application Form in time for us to send it to Marsh Limited, our intermediary for this Scheme, by 30 July, and insurers accept the application.  Should we receive your form after that date cover will commence from the date your application is accepted by the insurer.  However no application forms for the Winter Term will be accepted by the insurer after 30 September 2017.

To assist us, please act now and complete and return the form if you require the cover for your child.

If you apply to join now the premium will be £75 per pupil per term for the academic year commencing in September 2017, inclusive of Insurance Premium Tax (IPT), provided the level of IPT is not changed by the Government.  You do have the right to cancel the cover at any time as advised in the leaflet attached and cover will end if your child leaves the school.

If your child is currently insured under the Bupa Pupils medical Scheme then please note that cover will cease completely on the 31 August 2017 and no treatment or costs incurred after that date will be paid for by Bupa, even if the treatment has been preauthorised by Bupa or is ongoing.  Also, please note that whilst the cover under the AXA PPP Scheme is very similar to that provided by the Bupa Pupils’ Scheme it is not identical.  Please carefully read the leaflet for details of the new Scheme and visit the website where full details are provided.

If your child will be part way through treatment on 31 August 2017 and you are continuing cover under the AXA PPP Healthcare Scheme then you can telephone the following helpline and they will talk you through what you need to do. 


Telephone: 0330 102 5503


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