Sixth Form

The Sixth Form at Plymouth College provides a whole range of opportunities for students to develop their academic strengths, as well as other important life skills they will need outside of the classroom. Studying beyond Year 11 is viewed as a period of educational transition, and we aim to equip students with the confidence to study independently and develop the self-discipline necessary to be successful at University.

In addition to the breadth of academic courses available, an extensive range of extra-curricular and sporting opportunities are also available. We are committed to developing students as a "finished package" and participation in activities outside the curriculum is widely encouraged.

From the start of term, we strive to ensure that pupils are well integrated into our friendly and supportive environment. You will be given the opportunity to develop the skills of leadership, either through involvement in the Arts, Drama and Sport, or through the opportunities offered by Prefectship. Commitment to the highest standards of teaching and learning, as well as the provision of modern and state of the art facilities, including a new multi-function Sixth Form Centre, make Plymouth College a clear choice for any student who wishes to achieve the highest levels of success.