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Plymouth College Open Days - Senior Years 10 - Upper Sixth - Thursday 21st March, Preparatory School - Friday 22nd March 1.30pm - 3.30pm To book a place please contact our friendly admissions team on 01752 505120 or at [email protected] or Click here to register your interest. read more

Last updated: 18.03.24

Welcome to Plymouth College


Welcome to a place where our fundamental mission is to nurture joy, knowledge, and compassion within each pupil. Our ethos not only treasures academic excellence but also embraces the holistic development of every individual, fostering an environment where pupils are not mere numbers but valued participants in their unique journey. Plymouth College embodies forward-looking education that beautifully blends the School’s history with an unwavering commitment to shaping a promising future.

Guided by Christian values and an embrace of diversity, our ultimate goal is to empower pupils to flourish as independent, responsible global citizens who wholeheartedly embrace their diverse talents and passions. Our commitment finds its expression in an education that encompasses academic achievements, personal well-being, co-curricular exploration, individual growth, communal responsibility, and an atmosphere of genuine nurturing. These aspirations find their embodiment in our guiding principles, encouraging the development of strengths, qualities, skills, aspirations, respect, effective communication, integrity, collaboration, self-reflection, resilience, service, and resourcefulness. Plymouth College ardently dedicates itself to nurturing each pupil's potential, fostering personal growth, and equipping them to bring positive transformation to the world.

Our doors extend a warm embrace to pupils from around the world where they find not just a school, but a second home. This global tapestry enriches our cultural fabric, propelling profound benefits for our pupils and the larger community alike. Engaging with peers from diverse backgrounds ignites a global perspective, fostering cross-cultural friendships and a spirit of openness and understanding. This intercultural exchange empowers our pupils to thrive in an interconnected world, nurturing qualities of compassion, adaptability, and respect. This international essence weaves its positivity into every facet of school life, fortifying our unity, broadening horizons, and fostering an environment of collective growth and shared learning.

In our holistic pursuit, our vision extends beyond the formation of leaders to the nurturing of champions. Champions who lead sports teams, industries, and communities, while passionately advocating for their preferred subjects, activities, and causes. This endeavour transcends personal accomplishments, as we engrain the profound significance of service and societal impact, fostering leadership for the greater good. This comprehensive ethos is seamlessly woven into our daily life, evident in every lesson, every form period, and every engaging activity. Through these experiences, pupils flourish intellectually, academically, socially, morally, and physically. We constantly move forward, emboldened by our rich legacy, grounded in our cherished traditions, and steadfastly committed to nurturing the potential within each pupil.

As you navigate our website, we hope it provides a glimpse of the vibrant life that thrives within Plymouth College. We eagerly anticipate your visit, a chance for you to experience firsthand the nurturing relationships, holistic education, and limitless possibilities that define us. Until then, the entire Plymouth College community extends a warm welcome, eager to share in the journey of growth, discovery, and celebration with you.

To find out more and experience this in person, please do come to visit us. I do hope we see you very soon.

Adam Carr,
Interim Head

ISI, January 2019

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