Health & Pastoral Care
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Last updated: 18.03.24

Health & Pastoral Care

A dedicated and experienced team comprising of a mixture of teachers, graduate assistants and professionals are responsible for all aspects of boarding pupils’ welfare, whether it is comforting them when unwell; celebrating successes or offering support and guidance.

Boarders are encouraged to share their problems and are supported to come to a mature resolution through mediation and their own efforts. A Plymouth College boarder learns the skills of self-discipline in order to meet the tasks and deadlines that confront them during their academic career in a supportive and caring environment.

The boarders themselves are given positions of responsibility, with Sixth Form Prefects and
Heads of House helping to look after the younger pupils. New boarders are given a ‘buddy’ who will help guide them through their early days in boarding. 

The Health Centre

The Heath Centre is open all day during the school day.

The nurse works closely with a local GP Surgery who provides our boarding students with excellent primary care and visits here once a week.  Should the need arrive; it can be arranged for a member of staff to escort boarding students to any medical-related visits. The Health Centre schedules and organises recommended UK vaccinations, as stipulated by the British Immunisation Schedule, as and when required. Inoculation requirements are arranged, upon request, for our boarding students who travel abroad.

The nurse is well versed in the healthcare management of elite international athletes and is highly experienced in the treatment of sports-related injuries.

For students with existing health issues, parents/guardians are encouraged to come in for an informal discussion to provide the nurse with as much background information as possible. The nurse will also discuss any concerns ranging from healthy eating to coping strategies to maintain physical and mental wellness. 

Senior Wellbeing & Pastoral Care

Prep Wellbeing & Pastoral Care


Plymouth College takes pride in the quality and variety of the food it offers to all students: all food is freshly cooked and prepared by our in-house chefs. The quality and choice of food is especially important to us and a great deal of time is spent on planning a menu which will appeal to many cultures and tastes, while also providing the essential nutrition our boarders need.

Boarders can enjoy a healthy breakfast featuring a wide range of cooked foods, including: bacon, sausages, eggs, toast and porridge. The students are also able to choose from a range of ham, cheeses, cereals and fruit juices. In the evenings a substantial meal is served in the dining hall and there are also healthy snacks available in the boarding house kitchens.

Lunch is served as part of the main school meal, Monday to Friday, and features a range of traditional foods alongside eastern and European options. There is always a large salad bar which includes freshly baked bread.