Questions Related to Quarantine
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Last updated: 18.03.24

Questions Related to Quarantine

Plymouth College has a dedicated duty to look after each and every pupil. Please be advised that Plymouth College will continue to follow Government guidance in relation to maintaining the safety and health of all members of the community. 


Updated - 04/01/2021


Will there be an airport transfer?

Yes. The Head of Boarding along with a graduate member of boarding staff will be at Heathrow airport on January 4th to welcome and transport our new and existing boarders to Plymouth College boarding houses. The cost is £50 per boarder.

Can the school organise a taxi for my child from the airport to the boarding house?

Yes. Airport Travel South West taxi service are our recommended operator.

How much per night is the quarantine period?

£50 per person per night.


How long does my child need to be in quarantine?

The UK is operating a 'Test to Release' system.  Tests are conducted on Day 5 and if it's negative then the pupil is free to rejoin the wider community.  Tests need to be organised prior to travel and is the family's responsibility.

Will students and staff be wearing face masks during this period?

Both students and staff will be able to wear face masks and other protective equipment. This will not be mandatory. 

Who will be staffing the quarantine period?

The Head of Boarding and Houseparents of Mannamead Girls' House along with resident graduate staff. Staffing rotas will make sure that students are not in contact with any non-essential staff. There will always be 2 members of staff on active duty at any one time with 1 senior member of the boarding staff also duty.


Will my child be in single room accommodation?

Yes, all students during the quarantine period will be in single room accommodation. Female boarders will be in Roville House and male boarders will be in Haven. Both houses are separate from the main boarding community to ensure further pupil and staff safety.

What happens if someone displays symptoms of Covid?

If a boarder or staff member shows symptoms - a high temperature, a loss of taste, sickness or general flu like symptoms they will be completely isolated from the rest of the quarantine group. Food will be delivered to that boarder's room by one staff member in protective equipment. 

Will my child be able to get a COVID test?

We are now conducting Lateral Flow Tests in school for all pupils and staff.  For further information on this please contact [email protected]

Will my child be able to leave the school site?

No. As all meals will be catered on site there will be no activity off the school campus. Students will be able to use the school field to exercise under supervision and maintaining social distancing.

Will my child be able to exercise during the quarantine period?

We are very aware of the need for all quarantining pupils to get daily exercise and as a result, they will be encouraged to go outside to exercise around the campus at a set time each day.

Will my child be able to train in the swimming pool?

The college will be following the Government guidance on this area.  Boarders that are quarantining will not be able to train until their quarantine period has been completed.

What meals will my child receive during this period?

All boarders will have breakfast, lunch and dinner prepared for them every day they are in quarantine. Kitchen facilities in the boarding houses will be available to the boarders under staff supervision and will be cleaned after each use.


Will meals be in the canteen?

No. All meals will be consumed within the boarding accommodation.  They will be freshly prepared before being delivered by boarding staff.

How often will the accommodation be cleaned?

The Head of Domestic Services, will lead a team of cleaners to conduct multiple periods of cleaning each day. Potential sites of transmission such as door handles and communal equipment such as pool cues, TV remote controls will be sterilised regularly throughout the day.

How will showering and toilet facility usage be organised?

Boarders will be allocated a specific shower and toilet room to use depending on where they are located in the house and the year group they are in. 

General points

  • We will have a clearly signed flow for boarder’s to move around the house to avoid unnecessary contact in corridors and stairways.
  • There will be no school friends from outside the boarding community permitted in the house during quarantine and as we move into the school term.
  • Head of Boarding, Mr Byrne will be available on the Duty phone number - +44 7540 056 502, 24 hours a day during quarantine and in term time.
  • All boarders will be allowed to keep their mobile phone devices overnight so as to have the ability to contact parents taking into account time zone differences.



Plymouth College adheres to the BSA COVID-19 charter regarding the safe opening of schools.