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Last updated: 18.03.24

Plymouth College Business School

Launching in 2020, our innovative business school will inspire future leaders through our:

  • Leadership academy – giving pupils of all ages and abilities dedicated training to acquire skills to lead others in a variety of exercises; in the classroom, through sport and outdoor education, with the Combined Cadet Force, or with whole school initiatives. We aim to empower all our pupils to be confident in presenting and ready to take the initiative in their career.
  • Business Enterprise Curriculum – Our innovative curriculum offers the pupils a variety of pathways to develop their entrepreneurial spirit. We offer bespoke courses in Economics, Business and Finance suitable for the pupils age and stage of learning, giving them enterprise and financial capital, they need to make informed and well-educated decisions throughout their lives.
  • Professional Development Programme – by offering continued careers advice and exposure to experience in the workplace, we enrich the pupils’ potential for securing a position in the best universities and on the best apprenticeship programmes. 

Key areas of enrichment

  • Though our links with local universities we are able to access expertise in Business and Enterprise, offer enrichment courses to pupils in a variety of subjects, and have full access to their careers advice service. 
  • With direct links with business leaders in Plymouth we can offer the pupils the opportunity to learn about business skills and how they apply to real business. We frequently have speakers to the school sharing their knowledge and expertise through workshops and presentations. Pupils could visit a selection of local businesses to gain a hands-on understanding about the reality of day-to-day business function.
  • Our curriculum offering in Business, Economics and Finance educates the pupils with the theory to excel in their exams, but also to become more entrepreneurial and inspired to stand out from the competition. 
  • All pupil will be offered careers experience across the city during their time at Plymouth College. The type and duration on the experience will be based on their curiosity, interest, age and stage of education. We want this opportunity to be relevant and enriching, to facilitate the pupils to make the right choices with their study and careers when leaving school.
  • We will develop our pupils to become future leaders in whatever field they choose. Through our variety of leadership options, we hope that our pupils will gain the confidence and leadership skills to take on a variety of exciting opportunities once they leave us, knowing they have the ability to do well.
  • We allow entrepreneurial ideas to flourish through our Entrepreneurial Club gives pupils across the whole school the opportunity to run their own business, understand about business fundamentals of good cash-flow, accurate recording of data, research and product or service design. They have the space to try out new ideas and the expertise to guide them in their decision-making.
  • We offer exciting ventures in national competitions including stock market trading, Peter Jones Tycoon competition, and Banking and Finance competitions. By taking part, the pupils learn a broad range of soft skills like networking and teamwork as well as a broader understanding of the economy and finance.

Our overall aim is to enrich our pupils time at Plymouth College by empowering them with the skills they need to be the next generation of leaders with confidence and an entrepreneurial spirit.